Who is this Brandon guy?

Brandon will put something here eventually. He doesn’t like talking about himself…

Schoenberger Family Julie, Stephanie, Peter, and Brandon enjoy the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington 03/2019


This is a personal blog. It contains my personal thoughts and opinions. I alone am responsible for the content posted here. The personal ideas and comments posted here do not necessarily reflect those of:

  • My amazing employer or their awesome clients.
  • Any other organization that I am affiliated with in any way.

I know it is sometimes hard to imagine, but people do in fact change their minds. I have been known to change my position throughout the years on a number of issues. It is a healthy part of learning and growing as a person. Please know that the opinions I may have expressed on the site may have changed since the time of writing.

Please use your brain and do not mindlessly do something because of something I posted here. I am not responsible for your bad decisions.

I am wrong - a lot. Please take that into account when consuming my content.

Be kind. Please rewind.

History of blso.com

In November of 2001, my family moved from Seattle Washington to Phoenix Arizona. At this same time I purchased my very first personal computer. A beautiful Apple iBook (the white Dual USB model). Around this same time, my cousin Daniel mentioned that he was playing around with this thing called HTML. I was intrigued and dove headlong into web design.

For the my first year of experimentation, I simply used Apple’s iTools/.Mac/MobileMe/iCloud offerings for hosting my simple pages. My initial site was called BLS Online. I was then ready to dive into the world of web servers/hosting and registered the blso.com domain August 14, 2002.

I have experimented with just about every blogging platform to date. I was always more into learning how things worked than actually writing anything meaningful. I still have most everything backed up on various cloud platforms. Maybe I will dig some of it up and post it here. Maybe not…

Technical Details

As mentioned above, blso.com has at one point in time been just about everything under the sun. Today it is powered by blot.im

blot.im is super simple to use in that it simply uses either Dropbox or GIT for updating. We’ll see how long I stick with it…